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23 January 2015

Carlsberg 2015 CNY Celebration - A Smooth Sailing In the Year of the Sheep

5  clear signs that Chinese New Year is upon us:

1. McDonald's Prosperity burger set is available
2. Eu Yan Sang runs their cheesy hamper radio ads
3. Banks start giving out empty angpow packets
4. Malls put up loud red decorations and/or loud chinese new year songs
5. Beer boys organise Chinese New Year parties and start dropping prices of their 24-can packs in hypermarkets, coupled with chinese new year themed gifts.

Item #2 is what we're going to talk about today....... No I kid. of course I meant #5. Surprise surprise. It's the only sort of thing I'll ever talk about, on this blog, anyway. So let's go go go!

Did you know that Carlsberg was born in the year of the sheep waaaayyy back in 1847? Well, this 168 year old young man brand celebrated its zodiac-versary, with a HUGE party. And by huge, I mean, a 18 ft Chinese ship (sheep, ship, lol) in the middle of Ara Damansara Oasis HUGE.

See how BIG the ship was. I placed the entire Carlsberg management team, 2 lion dancers, 7 chinese drummer boys and 8 gods of prosperity there just for scale..

Well, it was technically a stage, but still. A GIANT ship. In the middle of a commercial lot! That's not something I see everyday.

Since it was a chinese new year party, there's of course the usual fun stuff like lion dancing, Gods of Prosperity (8 of them!) who were dying to GIVE you luck in the form of empty angpow packets (and take selfies with you), beer, roast pork, hot Carlsberg girls in super tight & short cheongsam eagerly clamouring over themselves to ply you with never ending flow of Carlsberg, more roast pork and even more beer.

Truly, beer and pork is all you need for an awesome Chinese New Year party.

That and angpow packets filled with crap loads of cash.

But since that isn't going to happen anytime soon, I'll settle with loads of beer. And pork.

Take my carlsberg. no take mine. no take mine. no take MINE.

What's a proper Chinese New Year without being able to utilise all that luck to win some money? And is it a coincidence that Carlsberg's giving away ang pows to lucky winners all across the country like they do every single chinese new year? I think not!

RM13,888 angpows to 38 winners each to be exact.

shut up and give me all the angpows!

On top of that, 1 lucky person from that 38 will become ... A  MILLIONAIRE.

That's nearly higher winning chances than a scratch and win lottery ticket. 

Or earning a chance to even appear on that who wants to be a millionaire show.

Acrobatic lion dancers at the party. That cheeky lion kept pretending to trip... or maybe that wasn't part of the act? Guess we'll NEVER know now.

So every time you order a BIG bottle of Carlsberg, Asahi or Royal Stout be sure to look out for a
Chinese character (順) printed on the bottle caps.

And if you do, HANG ON TO THAT. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Call your nearest Carlsberg sales offices which can be found here: That bottle cap will come in handy when you need proof that you even got it in the first place.

Prefer to imbibe in the comforts of your own home? Fret not! You can also purchase the 24-can Carlsberg festive pack from participating supermarkets and hypermarkets and look for the congratulatory message printed on the base of the tray. And if you do find that message... HANG ON TO THAT. Do not pass... you get my drift.

More performances at the party. Not quite the 1000 handed Goddess of Mercy .... but LOOK! MORE SEXY GIRLS!

Don't think you can finish 2 dozen beers because you don't have a lot of friends? Never fear! You can even take part in the ‘Guess the Coin’ online contest on their special microsite: It's a "Guess the coin" contest... so no prizes for guessing what you need to do! Hehe.

The most accurate entry will win 1 year’s supply of beer that could also contain a lucky ticket to win RM13,888 AND be in the running to be the Carlsberg Millionaire! 

Don't want that 1 year's supply of free beer? No problem! Let someone shoulder that burden for you - me. I'm very very noble one.

For more information, I think you can also check out their FB page:

So what are you waiting for? Go get me some free beer already! :p


Photo credits (except for the angpow one): Carlsberg.