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19 January 2015

The IBA Project: Hemingway Special

The Grandfather story:
  • A twist of what Hemingway liked - which was basically a daiquiri with no sugar and extra strong (known as the Papa Doble, where > 3 oz of Bacardi  was originally used), blended with shaved ice. 
  • A Hemingway Special is based on this recipe but with an additional maraschino, grapejuice and with less rum, which I suppose was to make it more palatable for the normal, non-alcoholic drinks like you and me. :D

Fun fact:
Hemingway was a known alcoholic and diabetic. Apparently he could consume glasses upon glasses (6-12, legend has it) of this original recipe of this daiquiri in a sitting.

Strength & Taste:

Strong, but you won't really be able to tell because the strength of this drink is masked by the sourness of lime and grapefruit juice... which makes the drink really quite delicious. We're talking about a minimum 2 shots of rum in a glass here. It will hit you when you least expect it, so be careful! I like it :D

Everything you need for a Hemingway Special

IBA Recipe & Method:

6 cl White Rum
4 cl Grapefruit juice
1.5 cl Maraschino
1.5 cl Fresh lime juice

Pour all ingredients into a shaker with ice. Shake.
Strain into a double cocktail glass.

  • Most recipes call for 2 shots of rum - because we're all not mad alcoholics like Hemingway was. 
  • Apparently the original recipe calls for Bacardi, but any white rum is really fine - it's a good tasting drink to get drunk really fast on anyway!
  • You can serve it straight up, blend it with ice or on the rocks.
  • For purists, you shouldn't add sugar into this. But if you are not anal about such things, some sugar makes this drink much more palatable.
Grapefruit is actually related to the pomelo, not oranges. #TIL 
Thoughts & observations
  • IBA's version is too sour for me, I like Difford's version with some sugar for the thicker mouthfeel which also offsets against that insane tartiness.
  • You can't keep fresh pressed grape juice for too long because it'll lose its pink colour... the flavour also changes a little - it becomes more tart.
  • Maraschino and marasquin are the same darn things, lol.
  • This drink was made to get one drunk without even knowing that you got drunk - Bacardi is perfect for it because it was MADE for cocktails.
  • The recipe I really like is based on diffordguide's recipe - but it uses the original Hemingway's serving of rum - 3.5 shots
  • It's supposed to serve you 2 standard drinks - so you'll need a BIG GLASS.

My preference:

(Warning: this is  >3 standard drinks of rum in a glass)
105ml white rum
30ml fresh lime juice
20ml maraschino liqueur
30ml fresh lime juice
15ml sugar syrup.

Shake it all up. Pour it out into a double-serving glass.
Serve it on the rocks.
Do not have more than one glass. :)

No shaker? Any big empty glass jar with a cover will do. No jigger? your cough syrup measurer works too!

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