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11 May 2023

Heineken Wants to Encourage You to #WorkResponsibly

Heineken recently launched ‘The Ghosted Bar’ campaign to encourage Malaysians to stop ghosting their friends and to #WorkResponsibly. 

This came about after Heineken's YouGov survey which unveiled that 41% of employees in Malaysia have ‘ghosted’ their friends due to work obligations (we at Angeltini are ashamed to say that we have been guilty of this once too many times!), whilst 91% of Malaysians believe that having a good social life helps with managing stress levels at work. 

Read on to find out how you can #WorkResponsibly and grab a bucket of Heineken for you and your friends!

As part of this campaign, Park Hyung Sik recently shared a video on Instagram that appeared to show a paranormal activity in a bar, illustrating how a friend stuck in the office is a ghost at the bar i.e. - whenever a friend ‘ghosts’ because of work, their friends end up hanging out with his/her ‘ghost’ instead, LOL. Check out the cute instagram video via this link.

There will also be a series of "Ghosted Bar" outlet experiences for a month with fun activities at the bar. One of the activities involve "jio-ing" a friend to join you at the outlet via Grab... and if they accept your invite and show up, the entire group gets to enjoy a complimentary bucket of Heineken!!! And this is where at Angeltini we say - DON'T SAY WE #BOJIO! 

Jio! Don't say #bojio!

You'll also be entitled to take part in the Heineken Live Draw where you stand to win a variety of prizes worth a total of RM100,000. "Good Vibes Festival Squad Goals" tickets, exclusive Heineken Dining experiences and even exclusive Heineken Private Birthday Party experiences are also up for grabs.

The experiences will take place on Tuesdays to Fridays, from 9 to 31 May between 6pm and 10pm, at selected bars in Penang, Ipoh, the Klang Valley and Johor regions:

Click to enlarge for a clearer read

For more information on the ‘Ghosted Bar’ experiences, to register, or to find out more details about the "Ghosted Bar" head on to and once again don't say we #bojio!