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02 March 2012

Brothers Cider is Yum!

5 Brothers In a Row

I have a confession to make. I actually do enjoy Singapore. At least, some aspects of it. One of the biggest reasons why I enjoy Singapore is the fact that it's a treasure trove for all sorts of booze brands.

Introducing Brothers cider - a brand of pear cider from England which I've had the privilege to savour at my short visit to Singapore.

There are quite a number of flavours under this brand; but pictured above (and tasted) is Bittersweet Apple, Ginger Toffee Apple, Lemon & Pear. Also tasted - Festival Edition Pear, Original pear & Lemon.

It generally does NOT taste like you're drinking booze - it's sweet, fresh, slightly fizzy and light, on top of whatever flavour it's supposed to have.You can drink bottles and bottles of this thing until you realise (a little too late perhaps) that there's actually 4% up to 7% vol (yup, the festival edition is 7%) of alcohol in there - almost as much as, if not more than your normal beer (Guinness is 6.8% and Carlsberg is 4.6%). Much smoother AND higher vol. of alcohol - a deadly combination. Deadly, but oh so good!

My personal favourite is the Bittersweet Apple. Not too sweet (toffee apple was too sweet), not too sour (unlike lemon), not too light (unlike the original pear). Bittersweet Apple was just right. Wasn't into the Ginger, but if you're the sort who enjoys ginger ale or any sort of ginger drinks, this would be perfect for you.

How I wished  they (Hello GAB or Carlsberg?) brought it over to Malaysia.

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Man I want me some of the Bittersweet Apple now!