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16 March 2012

Once Upon A Milkshake

Tuck in a little corner of Tanjong Pagar, Singapore lived Once Upon a Milkshake. My friends introduced me to this shop during my trip last year and said I HAD to try it. I wasn't sure why at first, but went along anyway.

The shop itself has a totally so-cuddly-cute-can-die-dot-com design concept. Clean, minimalistic, with its mostly white furnitures punctuated with some purple-coloured walls, and it really was a warm, sweet, cozy hang-out joint. I know it was cozy because an angry, heavy thunderstorm took us all by surprise and we were stuck there for nearly an hour. I can't get over how cute the ambience was in this place - it's like it popped out of an Enid Blyton book cute, not the annoying Hello Kitty cute. Just to get things straight.

Just look at the way the menu is illustrated, it's so fun, refreshing.. and CUTE! You will see how much thought was put into developing every tiny detail of this shop. And the way their milkshakes are named in the menu is simply adorable. Plain vanilla milkshake isn't JUST basic vanilla. It's "Vanilla Pot". Which is a "simple & rich vanilla flavour" milkshake. And as you can see, this place serves a mind boggling variety of milkshake flavours, from the basic ones to some really exciting ones like "Agent Red Velvet"  and even "Powderful Milosaurus" ..... cuteness overload lah!

And, yes they do really, really serve delectable, thick, flavourful shakes!

I eventually found out why my friends were SO enthusiastic about getting me to check this place out.


Of course, I immediately said:

And it was worth every single damn cent because it was DELICIOUS to the last milky tasty alcoholic drop

Unfortunately, there's only one shop like this in existence. And it's in Singapore. PLEASE BRING IT TO MALAYSIA ALREADY!

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