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03 August 2015

Insta Weekly: Homemade Drink - Wedding Planning - Kampachi Birthday

I turned 35 last Sunday! Happy birthday to me!

It was a bit of a bummer because just a few days before I started coming down with the bug and had the full blown sore throat, flu and slight fever  - it was like I was going through a growth spurt but not quite... maybe sideways? :)

It was an excellent birthday. Spent it with loved ones. Had tonnes to eat and drink. Presents are always a great bonus. And lots of wishes on facebook too, lol. I loved it all!

So I went to bed early last night from a full day of festivities and still recovering from the bug.. which is why this post is a day late. I've lost my voice today and am coughing nonstop. :( Not a lot to update from last week anyway because haven't really been feeling very excellent - probably because the bug was coming, lol.

1. Bailey's + Jameson. 

This came about when I wanted a strong nightcap. A simple, comforting, not-to-much-fuss-to make drink. But I didn't want a straight of anything.

Milk at night's always a comforting drink, right? And Bailey's nearly like milk because it has cream in it. But it wasn't enough, and that night, I wanted something a bit stronger, something less sweeter.

The fix? Adding more Irish whiskey into it! Since Bailey's is essentially made of cream and Irish whiskey anyway, putting in a bit more Irish whiskey wouldn't hurt right? And by doing so, I have 1) increased my drink to higher than the standard 17% ABV, thus have made it stronger and 2) made it less sweet.

Then I proceeded to have a couple more and had a great night sleep. :)

2. Wedding Planning

So.... I'm eventually going to be getting married, haha. To be honest, I hate the whole planning part of it. I just want to keep it as simple, as fuss-free and affordable as possible. At the of the day, I'd just like to have a big fun party with friends and loved ones.

What's really bothering me now is not the dress, not the location, not the weddings gifts, food menu or even invite list.... But this - WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH BEVERAGE? What should be my "house pour"?

What type of liquor should I provide? Blended whisky? Single malts? From what region? Country? Wine? Red? White? Many different labels? Dessert? Beer? Draught? Bottled? White? Black? All? None? How about gin? It's the rage now! Have cocktails? Serve pre-dinner drinks? Setup a mini bar? WHAT?

So any ideas which doesn't break the bank is very welcomed. I may or may not take it, but I welcome them all. Thank you! <3

3. My Birthday Dinner & Drinks at Kampachi Jaya 33!

My old man (that's the term of endearment I use for the significant other, hehe) surprised me with a wonderful 4-course dinner beautifully arranged by Kampachi @ Jaya 33. Not sure what I've done to deserve it but I WAS SO HAPPY!!! I couldn't stop beaming the whole time!

Except for the part where he blinfolded me all the way from my home to the destination with this white t-shirt which was quite disorientating, lol.

We had the Izumibashi sparkling sake to start (only my current most favouritest sparkling sake!), paired with a 5 piece appetizer (SO GOOD WITH THE SAKE), followed by some lovely sashimi with their homemade fragrant soya sauce. For mains I had the medium-done teppanyaki beef with rice while he had the seafood platter. To end the night, and assortment of fresh fruits with ice-cream served in a heart shape to share which was so darn corny and cute! <3

Being alcoholics appreciators of all things alcoholic, we of course ordered more sake to go with the rest of the food. So a 720ml bottle of Ishizuchi Funashibori Green Label went with our sashimi course onwards. On its own, the sake was very crispy, dry, strong and even spicy! But with the food, all that mellowed down and the sweetness of the rice came through. Though, I wouldn't encourage it with anything sweet like the dessert, because then the bitterness will be more prominent instead. :)

The sake came with this really cool dispenser - which was like a beer tower, but smaller, cuter, and dispenses the sake using a ball bearing stopper instead of a tap. If only my bag was big enough to sneak it home for bragging rights. :p

And that setup was so dreamy! All those rose petals & tea light candles.... Kampachi sure knows how to make a girl feel like a princess. Thank you my dearest old man for making it so, and domo arigatou Kampachi for making it such a lovely, unforgettable dinner! :)

Until next week, drink safe!

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