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04 May 2015

Insta Weekly: Soju - Hexa Lounge - The Great Beer Bar - Sangria - 44 Bar

Last week was a relatively quiet week. Nice change actually. Too much imbibing feels a little... indulgent and unhealthy. So when my body nudges me to take a break, I do take it. :)

Chum Churum soju by Lotte - do you like this stuff? I don't know how to.
I've never liked Soju. Tried it again last week and I find that..... I still don't like it. It's basically a Korean version of vodka, usually distilled from grains or starch with some sweetener added into the final product and Koreans drink it like their lives depended on it. HOWEVER - when soju is mixed is baekseju to become osipseju it is a whole different drink together and I LOVE IT. I wrote about this mix 2 years ago here and I highly recommend you to try it the next time you have Korean food. Take care though, the end product is a total of 2 x 360ml bottles so best to share among 3 or more pax. Definitely NOT for the weak hearted. :)

21 March 2012


Korean food is delicious. The Kimchi, the ramen, the bbq-ed meat. Deeelicious. And frightfully expensive. But there's definitely one thing which may numb your senses a little bit when the bill comes: Osipseju.

Osipseju in a small kettle
Osipseju is an equal serving of Baekseju  and Soju. It is usually served very cold in a small metal kettle, and you drink it off tiny cups (like shot glasses, or teacups). Let's quickly explain what Baekseju and Soju is.