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07 March 2012

Victoria Bitter, Revisited

A Bottle of Victorian Bitter, All By Its Lonesome.
Studying in Sydney, Australia (a shout out to all the crew from IHMA, Sydney!) was when I truly had my first real experience of alcohol - Toohey's, shitty cheap wine from a carton boxes, whiskey Coke, Kahlua milk, XXX, Victoria Bitter and a taste of some other cocktails and shots.

Don't need to say how I felt about the shitty cheap wines because I believe it's a universal understanding that they truly SUCK, but I can tell you back then I had no love for beer in any form. It won't be an exaggeration to even say I hated it. My virgin tongue couldn't stomach the bitter after-taste at all. I especially hated Victoria Bitter because it was especially ... bitter.

However, fast forward (more or less)10 years to today, you can safely say that I now drink pretty much anything - beer, wine, spirits. But I'm using the words "pretty much" very, very loosely (give a girl her artistic license can ah? :p )

31 May 2011

Snow Beer

A Glass of Snowy Goodness

Somewhere deep inside Cheras, lies this frozen beauty awaiting to be consumed at some ah pek coffee shop called 1008.

What's so special about it? Well, the bottle's frozen, and so is the drinking glass. Once in contact with the glass, the beer turns into bits of ice. Ice blended beer - who would've thunk?

Once you pick your chin up from the floor and get over the novelty, the beer goes down so quickly and before you know it, you're asking for another bottle. And another. And another.

Paired with the in-house special, sinfully delicious glazed fried pork - it's like a little bit of heaven on earth.

Your wallet won't thank you (about RM18 per btl of large frozen Heineken), but your taste buds sure would. It's just a matter of prioritising ain't it? Are you really going to allow your screaming wallet to boss you around? No, I don't think so.